Monday, December 5, 2016

Penn State Extension Releases New LearnNow Video On Protecting Water Wells

The Penn State Extension Water Resources Team has released a new “LearnNow” video on Protecting Your Water Well.
LearnNow videos are short, narrated PowerPoint presentations that are new learning tool being utilized by Penn State Extension.
About three million Pennsylvania residents get their drinking water from a private well but, unlike public water supplies, all management of private water wells is voluntary.  
The seven-minute Protecting Your Water Well LearnNow video provides a basic introduction into simple strategies that well owners can implement to better protect and manage their drinking water supply.  
The video begins with a brief description of the groundwater resource accessed by water wells.  
It then discusses six specific steps to protect water wells including: --Learn about YOUR water well; Proper well location; Proper well construction; Wellhead protection strategies; Test your water; and Proper water treatment.
Click Here to watch the Protecting Your Water Well.
Other Penn State Extension LearnNow videos include: On-Lot Septic System Management Tips, Natural Gas Liquids, Live Staking, Biomass Harvesting In Winter Conditions, Are Roadside Springs Safe? and Tips For Negotiating Pipeline Rights Of Way.

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