Thursday, December 22, 2016

PUC Appoints Kelly Monaghan Director of Bureau of Audits

The Public Utility Commission Thursday announced the appointment of Kelly Monaghan of Lancaster County as the Director of the Bureau of Audits. Monaghan’s appointment is effective January 1, 2017.
“We are happy to welcome Ms. Monaghan to the Commission,” said PUC Chairman Gladys M. Brown.  “Her knowledge and experience in audit issues and management operations will suit us well in her new position.”
Since 2005, Monaghan has held various audit roles within the state, having worked in the former Department of Public Welfare, the Department of State, the Executive Offices within the Office of the Budget and most recently at the Pennsylvania Department of Insurance.
Monaghan received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Pennsylvania State University and a Masters of Business Administration in accounting.  Monaghan currently lives in Elizabethtown.
The Bureau of Audits performs financial, management, operational and specialized audits on electric, natural gas, steam heat, wastewater, water and telecommunications utilities.
It also reviews certain adjustment clause rate filings and 1307(e) reconciliation statements.  
The Bureau also conducts a limited number of reviews of the annual assessment reports for transportation companies. The audits may result in recommendations to refund over-recovered costs and/or to improve accounting or operational procedures that, if adopted, may save the utilities, and therefore, consumers, money.  
The Bureau also is responsible for adjusting the annual reconciliation statements for certain companies authorized to use the distribution system improvement charge.

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