Monday, December 5, 2016

Archived Webinar: Helping Delaware River Communities Prepare For Climate Change

The Penn State Water Resources Extension team recently hosted a webinar entitled Helping Coastal Delaware River Communities Prepare for Flooding and Future Climate by Ann Faulds from Pennsylvania Sea Grant.
Future climate change scenarios predict warmer and wetter conditions across Pennsylvania which raises concerns for increased occurrence of flooding.
Pennsylvania Sea Grant and a host of partners have been helping coastal communities along the Delaware River to prepare for the flooding and extreme heat expected with future climate change.
In this webinar Faulds discusses the expected future climate of Pennsylvania and how climate risks are assessed in coastal areas.
She also discusses how a team of experts has worked with communities to identify vulnerabilities and develop strategies to adapt including green stormwater management solutions to improve water quality, beautify communities, and reduce heat island and flooding impacts.
Click Here to watch the archived webinar.

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