Friday, January 26, 2024

Nature By The Numbers: The Economic Impact Of Land Preservation

By Carol Hillestad
For Pocono Heritage Land Trust

Tourism in Pennsylvania is a big deal. A very big deal. 450,000 jobs. $32.9 billion a year in total economic impact. $3.4 billion in state and local revenues.

Here in the Poconos, that tourism benefits outfitters, guides, hotels, resorts, and restaurants in a big way. 

But it’s not just the big guys who win. It’s also gas stations, diners, pizza places, and corner stores — basically anyone who provides a product or service needed by human beings.

Big numbers. Big benefits. But for people who live here, the benefits run a lot deeper than that.

In our backyard, we have riches that other people have to drive hours to enjoy…

Trail running, bouldering, climbing, and hiking. Geocaching, scavenger hunting, foraging, and biking. Birding and wildlifing, mushrooming and botanizing. Photography.

Fishing and hunting, fireflies and night skies. Picnicking, camping, cabins and bonfires. Woodlands and wetlands, creeks, swamps, and bogs.

Sunrise, forest bathing, contemplation and meditation. Waterfalls, canoeing, creek swimming, rapids running. Snowshoeing, downhill, cross-country, sledding. Snow angels!

Yes, jobs and money matter. Still, true prosperity is more than that.

Pocono Heritage Land Trust protects the woods, water, wildlife and natural beauty on which all this depends. 

We work with individual landowners to conserve their land in the ways that matter to them. 

We are local people, dedicated to safeguarding our children’s heritage — the important lands, natural places, open spaces and agricultural landscapes of this rare, precious place we call home.

So, step outside. Close the door, clear your mind. Take yourself into the woods — there’s treasure yet to find.

Pocono Heritage Land Trust protects thousands of acres of the natural world, protecting quality of life for ourselves and for visitors. Much of the land we conserve is open to the public. 

Find your own awesome experience at one of our preserves.

You’re welcome!

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[Posted: January 26, 2024]  PA Environment Digest

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