Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Allegheny County Conservation District Unveils Insights Into County Development And Stormwater Infrastructure

On January 29, the
Allegheny County Conservation District released comprehensive data on county development patterns, accompanied by mapped locations of existing stormwater infrastructure. 

This marks the first time ACCD has compiled datasets and mapped National Pollutant Discharge and Elimination System (NPDES) permit applications in Allegheny County. 

These valuable datasets, designed to enhance transparency and collaboration, will be publicly accessible on both the Allegheny Conservation District and Western Pennsylvania Data Center websites starting January 30, 2024. 

The release aligns with a workshop for stakeholders and professionals. 

To complement this milestone, ACCD introduces a new website featuring innovative ArcGIS StoryMaps for a visual representation of the information. 

ACCD envisions these resources as pivotal tools for guiding natural resource and land management, as well as economic development decisions countywide. 

“This initiative represents a unique opportunity for professionals involved in natural resource management, land development, and economic planning to connect, learn, and make informed decisions on shaping the future of Allegheny County’s communities,” said Heather Manzo, ACCD Executive Director. “By embracing open data and encouraging collaboration, ACCD aims to empower decision-makers and enhance the overall resiliency of the county's ecosystems.” 

Key Highlights of Data 

-- Detailed Insight Sharing: ACCD aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the effort behind the creation of these datasets and the mapping of NPDES permit applications and stormwater best management practices. Attendees received a deep dive into the methodologies employed and the significance of the data. 

-- Feedback Session: ACCD values the perspectives of professionals across various sectors. Workshop attendees shared their insights on how this data, or other datasets from ACCD, could be most effectively utilized in their respective fields.  

-- Collaboration Exploration: ACCD recognizes the power of collaboration in addressing complex challenges. The workshop and website provide a platform for participants to explore potential collaborations, fostering partnerships that can contribute to the continued improvement of Allegheny County's environmental and developmental landscape. 

The Allegheny County Conservation District is an urban conservation district that engages and leads through partnerships, innovation and implementation to conserve, promote and improve Allegheny County’s natural resources. 

[Posted: January 30, 2024]  PA Environment Digest

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