Monday, July 8, 2019

Politicians In Harrisburg Are Proud Of Their New State Budget! -- Meanwhile In The Real World....

The FY 2019-20 state budget does next to nothing to help your community reduce flooding, damage from stormwater or to cleanup our rivers and streams.
Yet, politicians in Harrisburg are very proud of this year’s budget, like they’ve said year after recent year-- "We're proud of our on time budget." “We’re proud of our on time budget.” “We’re proud of our on time budget.”
Is an on time budget something to be proud of when it doesn't address ANY of the issues that hurt real people, cause damage to property and keep streams polluted?
Here’s What Happened Last Week In The Real World...
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Your Politicians, Not Row Crops
While there are no instant fixes for stormwater and flooding, we do know cost-effective, proven ways to reduce flooding, damage to property and cleanup our rivers and streams using nature’s green infrastructure.
Politicians in Harrisburg haven’t seriously addressed these issues for the last decade, and they have been warned for years.
They prefer, obviously, to be proud of state budgets that take money away from environmental restoration programs to disappear into the state’s General Fund.
Politicians in Harrisburg aren't grown there like row crops.  They come from YOUR communities.  
You're a voter, you have a voice.  Politicians should work for YOU.
Let them know what you think they should do to really deal with these issues-- fund local green infrastructure projects to reduce flooding, manage and cleanup stormwater and our rivers and streams-- not cut $16 million in local project money like they did this year.
Now that would be something to be proud of in the real world!… but apparently not in the world of Harrisburg politicians.
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