Wednesday, July 24, 2019

10 Year Anniversary National EcoDistricts Summit Nov. 4-5 In Pittsburgh

The 10th Anniversary National EcoDistricts Summit will be held November 4 - 5 at the August Wilson Center African American Cultural Center in Pittsburgh.
EcoDistricts are neighborhoods or districts where neighbors, community institutions and businesses join with city leaders and utility providers to meet ambitious sustainability goals and co-develop innovative district-scale projects. 
Pittsburgh is often cited as one of the world's most dramatic "turn around" stories - a region rich in history and economic might that has reemerged from the collapse of the American steel manufacturing industry to rise again as a center of place-based sustainability and urban vibrancy.
There are several communities in Pennsylvania that have EcoDistricts, including the Triboro EcoDistrict in Millvale, Etna and Sharpsburg in Allegheny County.
The Summit will have six major themes and topics--
-- Engagement & Governance
-- Health & Wellbeing
-- Rating Systems & Tools
-- Technology & Innovation
-- District Planning & Design
-- Ecological Design
For more information on EcoDistricts, viit the EcoDistricts website.

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