Friday, July 26, 2019

U.S. Sen. Casey Urges U.S. Senate To Fund Chesapeake Bay Program, Closed Nuclear Facilities Community Assistance

In two separate requests, U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) is calling on relevant Senate Appropriations Committee leaders to help fund vital grant programs that help improve quality of life for residents in Southcentral Pennsylvania. 
Specifically, Casey is asking for support for the Chesapeake Bay program as well as for the Assistance to Nuclear Closure Communities program, which could support communities impacted by the announced closure of Three Mile Island.
“These grants can be used to clean waterways and help localities meet federal mandates as they restore the Chesapeake Bay,” Casey writes in support of protecting the Chesapeake Bay program. ”Aging and defunct storm water systems have led to burdensome storm water fees for many Pennsylvanians who would benefit greatly from some economic relief as they rebuild their communities after storms.”
“Seven nuclear plants have closed since 2013 and eight others have announced retirement dates in the next ten years, including Three Mile Island,” he writes on the Assistance to Nuclear Closure Communities program. “These localities are deserving of support for the risks they took to support nuclear facilities and the unintended effects they face from storage of radioactive waste.”
Click Here for a copy of Casey's Chesapeake Bay letter.
Click Here for a copy of the Closed Nuclear Facility Community Assistance letter.
(Photo: Sen. Casey (left) viewing farm conservation projects in Lancaster County.)
Maykuth: Three Mile Island Unit 2 Reactor To Be Sold, Dismantled [Not Unit 1 Currently Operating, To Be Shutdown]

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