Friday, July 26, 2019

DEP Provides Notices Of Pending Permit Applications, Water Quality Certification For National Fuel Gas FM100 Pipeline Project, Elk & Jefferson Counties

The Department of Environmental Protection published several notices in the July 27 PA Bulletin related to the National Fuel Gas FM100 Pipeline Project in Elk and Jefferson counties.
The proposed project is to modernize approximately 9.715 miles of existing steel pipeline replacing it with 12-inch coated steel pipeline.
Notices are included for the Erosion and Sedimentation Control Permit (PA Bulletin, page 3946), Chapter 105 Encroachments Permit (PA Bulletin, page 3946) and the Section 401 Water Quality Certification (PA Bulletin, page 3947).
The Project, as proposed, will require approximately 128.3 acres of earth disturbance in Jefferson and Elk, the crossing of 25 streams (including floodways of streams not crossed by the pipeline) resulting in 1,830 linear feet of temporary impact and 248 linear feet of permanent impacts to the following surface waters: Rattlesnake Creek (HQ-CWF) and tributaries; Mill Creek (CWF) and tributaries; Beaver Meadow Run (EV) and tributaries, tributaries to Crooked Creek (HQ-CWF), tributaries to Conneaut Creek (CWF), Curry Run; tributaries to Little Toby Creek (CWF); and two ponds; 2.42 acres of tempo- rary wetland impact; .14 acre of permanent wetland impacts. All crossings will be installed by open trench, with the exception of Beaver Meadow Run, which will be installed by conventional bore.
Read the PA Bulletin notices for more information on your opportunity to comment.

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