Tuesday, July 23, 2019

PJM Interconnect Records Record Electricity Use Friday, Over Weekend

On July 22, the PJM Interconnect, the 13-state regional electricity grid operator, said record heat on July 19 caused electricity demand to soar over 152,000 MW, the high so far this year for electricity use.
Heavy electricity demand continued through Saturday, peaking past 150,000 MW, a level that likely breaks PJM’s all-time high for a weekend day, when there is less commercial and industrial activity than a typical weekday.
The previous weekend record for electricity usage was 149,644 MW peak recorded on July 7, 2012.
PJM’s all-time, one-day highest power use was recorded in the summer of 2006 at 165,563 MW.
Electricity demand eased Sunday as a more moderate air mass crept into the western part of the PJM footprint. That front trimmed Sunday’s electricity demand to result in a preliminary peak just over 140,000 MW.
In May, PJM was forecasting a hotter than usual summer and said it expected to experience peaks of around 151,000 MW.  Last summer’s peak was 150,830 MW.
PJM's required reserve is 16 percent of the forecasted demand level, and this summer PJM's expected reserve margin is more than 28 percent, or around 40,000 MW. PJM has 183,454 MW of installed generating capacity available.
To monitor PJM’s forecasts on demand, current use and cost of electricity, visit PJM’s Markets & Operations webpage.

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