Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Capital RC&D Video Series Explores Benefits Of On-Farm Composting

Successful, on-farm composting is showcased in four new videos now available free on the Capital Resources Conservation and Development Area Council website. 
 These videos were created by Capital RC&D staff with the help of five Pennsylvania farmers and researchers at Rodale Institute. The video case studies exhibit successful examples of on-farm composting and provide insight about each farm’s methods. 
The videos, along with a corresponding written overview and bibliography, showcase five composting techniques including turned windrows, static aerated piles, in-vessel, vermicomposting, and bedded pack composting. 
In addition to the benefits of each system, the videos provide detail about the inputs used by each farmer featured and how they use the finished compost. Viewers can also learn about research undertaken at Rodale Institute focused on using compost to increase disease and pest control.
Farmers and researchers featured in the videos include John Shenk, Shenk’s Berry Farm in Lancaster County; Mike Brownback, Spiral Path Farm in Perry County; Ned Foley, Two Particular Acres in Montgomery County; Kenny and Cyrus Gehringer, Four Springs Farm in Lehigh County; Rick Carr and Dr. Gladis Zinati, Rodale Institute, Berks County.  
USDA-NRCS provided funding for the series and can provide technical assistance for farmers looking to implement or expand an on-farm composting system as part of their conservation practices. 
Farmers should contact their local PA NRCS office to learn more about this and other conservation practices. 
For more information contact Cheryl Burns at Capital RC&D at 717-241-4361 or send email to: cburns@capitalrcd.org.   
Visit the Capital RC&D website for more information on programs, services and upcoming events.

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