Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Central PA Conservancy Partners With Chesapeake Bay Foundation-PA On Student Action & Restoration Program

The Central PA Conservancy and Chesapeake Bay Foundation-PA have developed a formal partnership to host CBF's Student Action & Restoration Program's inaugural season.
CBF-PA ran a total of 5, one-day field experiences at the Letort Spring Garden Preserve. During this programming, a total of 90 students investigated water and soil quality and pulled garlic mustard, an invasive plant that displaces native vegetation and changes soil conditions. 
Several local schools participated, including Halifax Middle School and the Marshall Math Science School in Harrisburg. 
CBF has reached out to several more schools and is planning another busy season of environmental education at the Preserve this fall.
The program coordinator, Kassie Fenn, commented, "the landscape of the site naturally lends itself to educational programming and students were excited by the biodiversity around them and the remnants of the watercress agricultural operation." 
The collaboration is a win-win for both CPC and CBF and naturally grew out of our partnership on the Goddard Leadership Legacy Institute. We look forward to providing future updates on these efforts. 
For more information on programs, initiatives, upcoming events and how you can get involved, visit the Central PA Conservancy website.
For more on Chesapeake Bay-related issues in Pennsylvania, visit the Chesapeake Bay Foundation-PA webpage.  Click Here to sign up for Pennsylvania updates (bottom of left column).  Click Here to support their work.

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