Thursday, August 20, 2015

Wildlife For Everyone: Hereford Manor Lake Restoration Underway In Beaver County

The Wildlife For Everyone Endowment Foundation has partnered with Restore Hereford Manor Lake and the Beaver County Sportsmen’s Conservation League to facilitate the quick repair of the Hereford Manor Lake Dam.
Located less than 30 miles from downtown Pittsburgh in Franklin Township, the lake and its surrounding property encompass 428 acres critical to the community ecosystem and once valuable for fishing, boating, hunting, hiking, biking and other recreational activities.
Thousands of citizens utilized Hereford Manor Lake for recreational purposes each year. In fact, it was the most fished trout lake in Pennsylvania. However, in 2011 the lake was drained when the more-than-50-year-old Hereford Manor Lake dam was classified as a high-hazard, unsafe dam. Now, the site is off-limits and sits as a dried grass basin and the lake’s disappearance has strained the local economy.
Wildlife For Everyone provides an avenue for tax-deductible contributions to restore the dam and lake, recognizing the importance of Hereford Manor Lake as a community resource and wildlife habitat. Hereford Manor Lake provides vital wildlife habitat for waterfowl and aquatic creatures. It also serves as an outlet for outdoors activities for all generations.
For more information on making a donation, visit the Wildlife For Everyone website.

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