Friday, August 21, 2015

AP: House GOP Plans Veto Override Votes Tuesday On Parts Of State Budget

The Associated Press reported Friday House Republicans plan to hold votes on Tuesday to override Gov. Wolf veto of the Republican budget passed in June one section at a time.
Republicans would need 17 Democratic votes to be successful on any veto overrides.
Democrats have said the piecemeal votes to override the Governor’s veto are unconstitutional and a Duquesne University law professor agrees. Friday reported: “Wasting more time with another round of unconstitutional stunts on the floor of the House, and trying to pick winners and losers, is not going to make human service providers and their vulnerable clients whole,” said House Minority Leader Frank Dermody (D-Allegheny), in a statement reacting to the House GOP plan. “It’s time to negotiate an honest budget that restores the devastating cuts Republicans made in the past and provides predictable and sustainable funding to meet Pennsylvania’s critical needs.”
The Wolf Administration is of the same opinion.
“It’s time for the gimmicks and games to stop,” said Wolf spokesman Jeff Sheridan about the potential line-item veto overrides. “While Gov. Wolf takes a serious look at their proposal, the Republicans are trying to undercut any progress by continuing to play games like this when they know their override threats are unconstitutional, as clearly laid out under Article IV, Section 15 of the Pennsylvania Constitution.
“These continued stunts by Republicans are doing a disservice to the people of Pennsylvania. We need them to get serious for once,” Sheridan added.
The House is only scheduled to be in voting session on Tuesday next week and does not return to full voting session, when the Senate does, until September 21.
NewsClip: GOP Plans Override Votes Despite Constitutionality Questions

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