Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Williamsport Drinking Water Treatment Plant Earns President’s Award

The City of Williamsport recently received the “President’s Award” from the Partnership for Safe Water, an alliance to improve the quality of water delivered to consumers. The “President’s Award” recognizes achieving stringent individual filter performance goals for turbidity.
Williamsport is the fifth water plant in Pennsylvania to receive this award. There are four phases to the PSW. The “President’s Award” is an intermediate award between Phases III and IV and is intended to be a significant stepping stone toward accomplishing the highest possible level of performance that can be achieved in the program, which is Phase IV. Only two plants in Pennsylvania have achieved Phase IV.
The PSW includes DEP, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Pennsylvania Section American Water Works Association and other drinking water organizations. Its goal is to implement preventative measures that are based on optimizing treatment plant performance.
For more information, visit DEP’s Surface Water Filtration webpage, or contact Kevin Anderson at 717-783-9764 or send email to:
(Reprinted from the Nov. 26 DEP News, Click Here to sign up for your own copy, read back issues.)

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