Friday, November 21, 2014

PA Resources Council Launches New Anti-Litter Campaign With Video In Pittsburgh

The PA Resources Council has launched its latest anti-litter campaign and encourages residents to share the message via 21st century technology such as social media and electronic communication.
Serving as the centerpiece of the campaign is a “Crying Steelers Fan” video produced in tribute to the Keep America Beautiful “Crying Indian” public service announcement of the 1970s.
“We know Pittsburghers are proud of their city, and we want to use that pride to stop litter before it happens,” said PRC Regional Director Justin Stockdale.  “We are proud of our beautiful state, but litter threatens our environment and health, while costing taxpayers millions of dollars each year.”
The 90-second video, funded by Colcom Foundation and produced by Fireman Creative, follows an everyman resident, portrayed by actor Kevin Brown, as he navigates his way through Pittsburgh’s scenic neighborhoods, shorelines and landmarks.  The sight of abandoned televisions, tires and abundant trash brings a single tear to his eye.
“We wanted to show the scenic beauty of this city in juxtaposition to the litter, and we think the imagery will pierce the psyche of people,” according to Paul Fireman, President of Fireman Creative.  “If we can get everyone to see the beauty of the city and then see the ugliness of the trash, we can get people to start picking it up or, more importantly, stop dropping it in the first place.”
The public service announcement’s audio message is succinct:  “We are proud of our city and rivers, but we need to see how the trash we toss leaves lasting effects on Pittsburgh and everyone in it.  We made this problem.  We can stop it.  Don’t be a litterbug.”
Stockdale explains, “This is a different type of anti-litter campaign and a real departure from anything PRC has done since introducing the litterbug icon in the 1950s.  We’re now challenging residents to look beyond cleaning up litter and instead place blame on litterbugs.  
Community members can help spread the word by sharing the message via social media.  Help us fight litter before it starts by liking, sharing and pledging not to be a #litterbug.”
Click Here to watch the video.  To learn more, visit the PA Resources Council website or Facebook page.

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