Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Successful Stormwater Management Training Held In Harrisburg

Staff from DEP’s Southcentral Regional Office Waterways and Wetlands Program conducted a successful stormwater management training on November 13 in Harrisburg, Dauphin County as part of an on-going outreach initiative among the regulated community.
Participants learned about how to focus on post-construction stormwater management in the initial site planning of a development. The training also taught attendees how to identify the appropriate permits for construction and design activities and how DEP reviews applications for those permits.
About 120 people attended the day-long workshop which included representatives from consulting firms, but also included developers and contractors and from as far away as southern Virginia and Ohio.
The PA Association of Conservation Districts worked with DEP to provide this training. The department is considering the potential for future trainings due to the high attendance and positive feedback.
For more information on stormwater management planning, visit DEP’s Municipal Stormwater webpage.
(Reprinted from the Nov. 26 DEP News, Click Here to sign up for your own copy, read back issues.)

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