Friday, November 21, 2014

Sen. Costa: January Legislative Session Inappropriate, Unprecedented, Inexcusable

Senate Minority Leader Sen. Jay Costa (D-Allegheny) issued this statement about the possibility of a lame-duck legislative session in January--
“The suggestion by the incoming Senate majority leader that the General Assembly engage in a lame-duck session in January – to take advantage of Gov. Corbett’s last days in office – is inappropriate, unprecedented and inexcusable.  The citizens have spoken and they have chosen a different governor with new ideas to move Pennsylvania forward.
“The ill-conceived idea to empower and use an unaccountable governor in his last days in office to revive already rejected policies would be viewed as an act of desperation and a serious blow to reform.  I would be very surprised if Gov. Corbett would allow himself to be used by Republican leadership in this way.
“The voters of Pennsylvania spoke loudly and clearly that they wanted Gov. Wolf to work with lawmakers on solutions, not to perpetuate gridlock.  The idea that a January lame-duck session would be productive is ludicrous and counter to any conceivable measure of good government.“

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