Thursday, February 29, 2024

Penn State Extension: March 22 Webinar - Forest Management & Climate Change - A Women's Perspective

 Penn State Extension will host a March 22 webinar on Forest Management and Climate Change - A Women's Perspective from 8:00 to 9:00 a.m.

Approximately 58% of forest ownerships in the US are owned by married couples, but even when ownership is shared between the spouses, women are often not the primary decision-makers. 

Women do often end up inheriting the land because they live longer than men on average and are typically younger than their spouses. 

This situation is now changing as more women are becoming forest owners as primary decision-makers. 

Women, as the primary owners or co-owners of forest land, have the potential to contribute to climate change solutions through forest management. However, most are still unprepared for engaging in land, farm, and forest management. 

During this webinar learn about what women value about forests, how women take care of forests in the face of climate change, and what the challenges women face in this space from Kripa Neupane, a PSU graduate student. 

What Will You Learn?

-- How women see their forests

-- How women take care of forest in the face of climate change

-- The challenges women face in forest management and climate change

-- The obstacles that female forestland owners face

-- How to overcome obstacles to forest management

Participants will also have a chance to ask Kripa questions about her research.

Who Should Attend?

-- Women forest landowners

-- Women in forestry

-- Natural resource professionals

-- Landowners

-- Foresters

-- Forest policymakers Wildlife biologist

Click Here to register and for more information.

Visit the Penn State Extension website to learn more about a wide variety of education opportunities.

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[Posted: February 29, 2024]  PA Environment Digest

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