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DEP Issues Chapter 105 Permit Correcting Violations By PA General Energy In Constructing The Shawnee Water Intake On The Exceptional Value Loyalsock Creek, Lycoming County

The Department of Environmental Protection published notice in the February 24 PA Bulletin saying it has issued a Chapter 105 permit to correct violations by PA General Energy in constructing the Shawnee Water Intake on the Exceptional Value Loyalsock Creek in Lycoming County. (
PA Bulletin, page 1012)

On June 14, 2023, the Susquehanna River Basin Commission and DEP discovered PA General Energy constructed its water withdrawal structure larger than what was proposed and approved in its original Chapter 105 application and SRBC’s water withdrawal permit.  Read more here.

PA General Energy was constructed to support the development of an extensive network of shale gas well pads for at least 86 wells on DCNR State Forest Land in the area and millions of gallons of water are needed to frack the wells.

In addition to the water withdrawal structure in and on the bank of the Loyalsock Creek, PA General Energy installed a pipeline corridor across the Loyalsock Creek for a 16-inch natural gas pipeline, 10-inch water pipeline and a 4-inch communications conduit.

            The Susquehanna River Basin Commission approved a revised water withdrawal permit correcting violations to its permit on December 14, 2023.

            SRBC approved the same 2 million gallon per day withdrawal limit from the Loyalsock.

Plagued With Violations

The construction of PA General Energy Company’s Shawnee Water Withdrawal last summer on the Exceptional Value Loyalsock Creek resulted in multiple Clean Streams Law violations, an out-of-court settlement with the Fish and Boat Commission for other violations and threatened the habitat of the rare Eastern Hellbender, Pennsylvania’s clean water ambassador.

The construction resulted in multiple, heavy sediment plumes as PA General Energy constructed the water withdrawal and related freshwater and natural gas pipelines on both sides of the Loyalsock to service planned unconventional shale gas well pads on DCNR State Forest Land.

No monetary penalties or enforcement actions other than issuing notices of violation by DEP have been taken by either DEP or the Susquehanna River Basin Commission for any of these construction violations.

PA General Energy came to a private agreement with the Fish and Boat Commission covering some of the construction violations.  Read more here.

No enforcement actions have been announced by DEP or SRBC for the failure of PA General Energy to build its water withdrawal and pipeline corridor across the Loyalsock Creek in compliance with its original permits, except for notices of violation.

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(Photos: Impacts of constructing Shawnee water withdrawal and pipeline crossing to Exceptional Value Loyalsock Creek.)

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[Posted: February 23, 2024]  PA Environment Digest

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