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Marcellus Drilling News: National Fuel Gas Lawsuit Alleges Fraud, Counterfeit Parts Used At Natural Gas Compressor Stations

February 14, 2024, Marcellus Drilling News reported National Fuel Gas Company, parent to Seneca Resources drilling and NFG Midstream pipeline companies, is suing a former employee and several vendors for buying and installing counterfeit parts at several compressor stations.”

“One such part caused the temporary shutdown at one compressor station in New York’s Southern Tier when the part failed to work correctly.”

[Pennsylvania’s Public Utility Commission Safety Division is not aware of any PUC jurisdictional compressor stations with the NFG companies.

[The PUC does not have jurisdiction over natural gas gathering pipelines and their associated compressor stations as well as well pad compressor stations.

[DEP issues air quality permits for compressor stations, well pad air pollution sources and other natural gas infrastructure emissions.]

“Rockwell Automation reviewed the parts in question and told National Fuel that the parts were either old, used, modified, or completely fabricated, a finding that could “pose safety, security, and reliability risks to your operations.” Not good.”

“NFG’s former senior manager in the purchasing department purchased faulty parts from two companies: Ribet Supply and JPKM Supply Solutions. 

“The senior purchasing manager’s wife heads up JPKM, a detail he neglected to share with NFG. 

“The purchasing manager was using his position to enrich himself, in other words. And doing so by buying substandard parts. At least, that’s the allegation by NFG.

“The fired senior manager is counter-suing and claims NFG’s charges are false and misleading.”

Click Here to read the Marcellus Drilling News article. [PDF of article]

Marcellus Drilling News noted the Buffalo News has reported extensively on the lawsuit and counterfeit parts--

-- Buffalo News: National Fuel Gas Claims Vendor Solid It Counterfeit Parts That Caused Compressor Station To Shut Down When They Failed

-- Buffalo News: National Fuel Gas Alleges Ex-Employee Led Purchasing Scheme That Defrauded Company Of At Least $1 Million

(Map: National Fuel Gas service and facility area.)

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