Thursday, July 23, 2020

PennVEST Announces Awards For Drinking Water Lead Testing And Center for Water Quality Excellence For Nutrient, Sediment Pollution Reduction

On July 23, the
PA Infrastructure Investment Authority announced the award of two service contract offers, one for drinking water lead testing in schools and child care facilities and the other for the development of the Center for Water Quality Excellence for nutrient and sediment pollution reduction.
Both programs were competitively bid through the Request for Proposals (RFP) process through the Commonwealth’s eMarketplace solicitation site.

Lead Testing

The board of directors approved the award of a contract offer to Terraphase Engineering Inc. for lead testing in schools and child care facilities. 

Terraphase, which is based in Conshohocken, Montgomery County, will perform comprehensive statewide sampling in enrolled schools and child care facilities for the presence of lead contamination in drinking water facilities. 

Funding for the program will be provided by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency through the Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Nation (WIIN) Act and oversight for the services will be administered by PennVEST in conjunction with the Department of Education, Department of Environmental Protection, Department of Health and Department of Human Services.

Click Here for a copy of the original RFP.

Center For Water Quality Excellence

The board of directors also approved the award of a contract offer to Keystone Safety Services Inc. for the development of the Center for Water Quality Excellence. 

Keystone Safety Services is based in Camp Hill, Cumberland County, and will develop a one-stop shop for public and private entities interested in seeking funding for water quality projects to address reduction goals for nitrogen, phosphorus and sediment in the Commonwealth’s waterways in Lancaster and York counties.

The proposal, which will involve a virtual presence and at least one physical location, will serve as a centralized resource for farmers, land owners, municipalities, and/or businesses within Lancaster and York Counties to better determine the best technical and most appropriate funding options to aid in nutrient and sediment reduction in agricultural and stormwater runoff.

The Center will be able to offer guidance and technical support on BMP installation based on resource management and surveying tools such as topographical mapping. 

The Center will also provide outreach to recipients, be able to coordinate with federal, state, private and local funding opportunities within the Commonwealth and provide guidance to recipients for the optimal use of all of available funding related to BMPs and other nonpoint source pollution prevention projects, such as habitat improvement projects.

The Center will not only focus on PennVEST funding, but will evaluate individual projects and compile appropriate funding sources, including the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Department of Environmental Protection and Department of Conservation & Natural Resources.  Read more here.

Click Here for a copy of the original RFP.

“These contracts each represent the multi-million dollar investment in Pennsylvania’s citizens and environmental resources,” said Eric Menzer, chairman of the PennVEST board of directors. “Ensuring that our future generations have safe, reliable access to clean drinking water is vital to the success and growth of our communities. And the development of a one-stop shop for water quality resources will enable Pennsylvania’s government to better assist partners in their efforts to maintain a clean, healthy environment.”

Since its inception in 1988, PennVEST has funded more than 3,000 clean water projects throughout Pennsylvania, providing nearly $10 billion in grant and low-interest loan funding.

For more information on funding opportunities, visit the PA Infrastructure Investment Authority website.

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