Thursday, January 9, 2020

Registration Is Now Open For 2020 Riparian Forest Buffer Summit March 11-12 In Altoona

Register now for the 2020 Riparian Forest Buffer Summit to be held on March 11-12 at the Blair County Convention Center in Altoona, supported by the Western PA Conservancy and the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.
The Buffer Summit provides conservation professionals and decision makers with the latest science, policy, and implementation strategies to get trees planted along the Commonwealth’s streams.
Attendees have substantial opportunities to network with each other and with exhibiting sponsors throughout the two-day event.
Conservation professionals working with riparian forest buffers from all sectors -- beginners to seasoned decision makers alike -- are encouraged to attend.
Click Here for a detailed agenda, but here are highlights of some session--
-- Opening Keynote: Sarah Lillie Anderson, Tree Equity Programs, America Forest
-- Evening Keynote: Stacy Levy, Environmental Artist, Sere Ltd
-- Ecology of Streams and Riparian Forests: How Streams Work and the Role of Forests
-- Creating a Riparian Forest Buffer Workforce Pipeline: CCC Pilot Year
-- Interpreting Soils in Riparian Areas
-- Department of Community and Economic Development Project Funding Panel
-- Working with Your Nursery: The Importance of Communication and Collaboration
-- Buffer Management: What is the Role of the Landscape Professional?
-- Multifunctional Riparian Forest Buffer Opportunities in PA
-- Keystone 10 Million Trees Partnership: Updates from Fall 2019 to Spring 2020
-- Developing Effective Planting Plans for Riparian Forest Buffer Projects
-- The Benefits of Pre- and Post-plant Vegetation Management for Buffer Establishment
-- Market Trends, Potential, and Development for Riparian Grown Products
-- The Pittsburgh Redbud Project: An Urban Riparian Buffer
-- 25 Years of Insights from Stroud’s Research on Buffer Methods
-- Overcoming Maintenance Challenges in Riparian Forest Buffers
-- The Business End of Multifunctional Buffers: Can I Make Any Money at This?
-- Riparian Forest Buffers for Pollinators and Wildlife
-- How to Communicate Effectively with Decision Makers
-- Federal Assistance for Forest Buffers: CREP, EQIP, CSP, and other Acronyms
-- Reforesting Shallow Brook School: A Case Study in Grassroots Engagement
-- Local Partnerships Strengthen a Statewide Mission
-- Buffers and Floodplains Working Together: In Practice and in Policy
-- Selling Buffers WITHOUT Financial Incentives
-- Tools for Teaching Kids About Buffers
-- Accelerating Tree Plantings through Collective Impact with Live Stakes
-- Leveraging Opportunities for Buffers on Developed Lands
-- Lessons Learned from Long-term Monitoring of Forest Buffers in Maryland
-- Utility ROW Riparian Buffers and FirstEnergy Conservation Program
-- Seed Cleaning and Storage
-- Do Hellbenders, Freshwater Mussels, and Native Brook Trout Matter?
-- From Bank to Table: Transforming Buffer Projects with Precision Restoration
-- Understanding and Mitigating the Effects of Roads and Trails on Buffers
-- Spotted Lanternfly in Natural Landscapes: Beyond the Basics
-- Improving and Enhancing Existing Riparian Forest Buffers
Click Here to register (early registration deadline February 14) or for more information.  Questions about the Summit should be directed to Teddi Stark by calling 717-787-0650 or send email to:
Sponsorships Available
The Western PA Conservancy is also seeking sponsorships and vendors for the Summit.  If your business, agency, or organization is interested in sponsoring this event, please review the details on the website, and check out options for sponsorship levels here
Alternatively, if you know of a business, agency, or organization that might be interested in sponsoring/vending at the Summit, please forward this information to them. 
Sponsorship registration is due by February 7.  Questions should be directed to Katie Zawrotniak by calling 724-471-7202 or sending email to:
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