Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Science On Tap 2020: Restoring American Shad To The Brandywine River Program Feb. 20 In Delaware County

The Chester Ridley Crum Watersheds Association will host a Science On Tap 2020 Program - Restoring American Shad to the Brandywine River on February 20 at WaR3house3, 100 Park Avenue in Swarthmore, Delaware County from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.
Who gives a damn about dam removal?  The Chester Ridley Crum Watersheds Association does!  
Local rivers were once teeming with American shad, a primary staple of the indigenous Lenape people. 
They have since had a unique importance in American history.  George Washington’s starving troops jumped into the Schuylkill to catch shad for their very survival. 
But over the last 300 years, dams on the Brandywine and other streams have decimated the population of this important migratory fish. 
CRC’s 2020 Science on Tap speaker, Jim Shanahan, director of Brandywine Shad 2020, will tell the heroic story of the American shad on February 20.  
He will share his group’s efforts to remove dams on the Brandywine and restore it to a free-flowing state, one in which the shad can return and spawn.  
Brandywine Shad 2020 is fighting to restore ecosystems that support the vital relationship between freshwater mussels and migratory species like our Founding Fish - the American shad.
The mission of CRC is to protect and restore the natural resources of the Chester, Ridley and Crum watersheds.  CRC’s Science on Tap is an annual event that brings together people who enjoy learning, drinking beer, and meeting other curious folks.
The $25 cover charge includes beer from local brewer 2SP, a variety of fish appetizers, and a fun night of storytelling.
For more information on programs, initiatives, other upcoming events and how you can get involved, visit the Chester Ridley Crum Watersheds Association website.
[Posted: January 28, 2020]  PA Environment Digest

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