Monday, January 13, 2020

PennVEST Seeks Proposals For A Public-Private Partnership To Develop A New Center For Water Quality Excellence In Lancaster, York Counties

On January 13, the PA Infrastructure Investment Authority announced it is seeking interested parties to partner with the Authority to develop the Center for Water Quality Excellence, an innovative one-stop shop designed to address reduction goals for nitrogen, phosphorus and sediment in the Commonwealth’s waterways in Lancaster and York counties.
“In addition to PennVEST funding and assistance, there is an overwhelming multitude of opportunities for land owners, businesses, and municipalities to take advantage of when it comes to achieving Pennsylvania’s water quality goals,” said Brion Johnson, Executive Director of PennVEST. “The Center for Water Quality Excellence will strive to serve as a hub for all those resources and tailor specific resources and opportunities to the unique needs of interested parties. As we continue to face increased pressure to reduce nutrient and sediment levels in our waterways, I’m excited that this new opportunity will significantly bolster our existing efforts.”
The proposal, which will involve a virtual presence and at least one physical location, will serve as a centralized resource for farmers, land owners, municipalities, and/or businesses within Lancaster and York Counties to better determine the best technical and most appropriate funding options to aid in nutrient and sediment reduction in agricultural and stormwater runoff. 
The Center will be able to offer guidance and technical support on BMP installation based on resource management and surveying tools such as topographical mapping.  
The Center will also provide outreach to recipients, be able to coordinate with federal, state, private and local funding opportunities within the Commonwealth and provide guidance to recipients for the optimal use of all of available funding related to BMPs and other nonpoint source pollution prevention projects, such as habitat improvement projects.
PennVEST is seeking qualified contractors to participate in the development of the Center for Water Quality Excellence and has issued a Request for Proposals (RFP).  
Click Here for a copy of the RFP.  The deadline for proposals is March 31.
Parties who are interested in submitting proposals for the partnership can also contact Tesra Schlupp, Senior Project Manager for PennVEST, by sending email to: or calling 717-783-8618.
[Posted: January 13, 2020]  PA Environment Digest

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