Monday, March 4, 2019

Sen. Scott Martin Appointed To Chesapeake Bay Commission

Sen. Scott Martin (R-Lancaster) has been appointed to serve on Pennsylvania’s delegation to the Chesapeake Bay Commission for the 2019-20 Legislative Session.
The Chesapeake Bay Commission is a tri-state legislative panel created in 1980 to advise members of Congress and the General Assemblies of Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania on issues concerning the Chesapeake Bay and its watershed.
“Reducing pollution in the Chesapeake Bay watershed requires a strong partnership between state, local and federal governments, and I appreciate the chance to play a leading role in finding new ways to approach this challenge,” Sen. Martin said. “Meeting the federal government’s pollution reduction mandates is going to be difficult and expensive. We need to work together to find ways to reduce pollution without asking state taxpayers to commit billions of new dollars in taxes and spending.”
Sen. Martin noted that protecting water quality locally will help improve downstream water quality as well.
“Our area has an important role to play in promoting a cleaner and healthier Chesapeake Bay, and that starts with safeguarding and improving the water quality in Lancaster County first,” Sen. Martin said. “As a new member of this panel, I will encourage the Committee to explore mutually beneficial water quality solutions in the years ahead.”
For more information on the Commission, visit the Chesapeake Bay Commission website.
More information is available on Pennsylvania’s efforts to meet its Chesapeake Bay water pollution cleanup obligations by visiting DEP’s Chesapeake Bay Watershed Plan webpage.

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