Saturday, March 30, 2019

Bipartisan Senate Bill Would Impose 2 Year Moratorium On Hazardous Liquids Pipeline Approvals

On March 28, Senators Andy Dinniman (D-Chester), Tom Killion (R-Delaware) and others introduced Senate Bill 443 establishing a 2 year moratorium on approval of hazardous liquids pipeline construction to allow time for the General Assembly to strengthen oversight of these projects.
“Federal and state regulations on hazardous liquids pipelines have not adequately protected our citizens or our natural resources,” said Sen. Dinniman.  “Within just the past two years, hazardous liquids pipeline construction has impacted the environment and water of the Commonwealth over 70 times, as well as the private water wells of citizens.
“Hazardous liquids pipeline projects are only going to become more frequent, giving the General Assembly little time to improve the oversight and management of these projects.”
Sen. Dinniman said the legislation “will restrict the Public Utility Commission and the Department of Environmental Protection from permitting and licensing any hazardous liquids pipelines in the Commonwealth for the next two years, giving the General Assembly the necessary time to strengthen oversight of these projects.”
He noted similar legislation has passed in both South Carolina and Georgia by an overwhelming majority, a testament to the importance strengthening state-level regulations.
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The bill was referred to the Senate Environmental Resources and Energy Committee.
 Other Pipeline Bills
Senators Killion and Dinniman have sponsored a series of other bills designed to address concerns with pipeline safety, including Senate Resolution 33 to form a Senate/House Commission to make recommendations on legislation to improve the safety and oversight and interagency coordination over pipelines in the state.
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(Photo: Senators Dinniman, Killion.)
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