Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Brodhead Watershed Assn.: Special Events Coming Up April 13 (Kids), April 20 (Hike), April 26 (Arbor Day Walk) Monroe County

The Brodhead Watershed Association and its partners will host 3 upcoming events-- a Water Wiser Kids event on April 13 on the Effects Of April Showers Outdoors, April 20 ForEvergreen Nature Preserve Hike and an April 26 Arbor Day Walk at East Stroudsburg University, both in Monroe County.
April Showers
On April 13 starting at 10:00, the Association will host a hike geared toward families, searching Henry’s Crossing Preserve in Paradise Township for more signs of early spring. School-age children will have fun finding spring salamanders, frogs, flowers and mammals, while learning about life in the woods.
After the long winter hibernation, several species have recently emerged. Salamanders, such as the red eft, are often found along the forest floor after a rainstorm. They are reliant on water to keep their skin moist — they breathe through their skin!
Another common amphibian in the area is the spring peeper. This diminutive frog is no bigger than your thumb — but it has a big voice and it is active and vocal through much of the spring and summer. Trying to see one in the wild isn’t easy, but this hike will help.
Spring wildflowers emerge before leaves coat the trees. This is the best time for Quaker ladies, daisies and dwarf ginseng. Some of the larger flowers are the birch catkins, skunk cabbage, and the leaves of the pink lady slipper, a rare orchid.
Young explorers will also search for mammals. These elusive creatures are best found by their tracks. With a little bit of mud, young hikers can make some track casts to take home.
This event is part of the Water Wiser Kids Series sponsored by Brodhead Watershed Association, funded by a Dr. Claus Jordan Endowment Grant from Lehigh Valley Health Network Pocono Foundation.
This activity is free, but registration is required. You can register by sending email to:  info@brodheadwatershed.org, or call 570-839-1120 or 570-629-2727.  Click Here for more information.
ForEvergreen Hike
On April 20 at 10:00 a.m. meet to take a naturalist-led hike in the ForEvergreen Nature Preserve in Analomick to see the gentle terrain and eagles.
Photographers spend hours here, long lenses at the ready. Walkers, runners and dog walkers often stop in their tracks to watch an eagle tending the nest, hanging out on a nearby snag, or perching at the top of the cell tower.
Yet eagles in the spring are only the most obvious joy of this place. In summer, you might see flights of bluebirds, stocky kingfishers diving for an aquatic meal, or turtles sunning themselves on logs in the pond. In fall, the large stand of milkweed is one of the best sites in Monroe County for Monarch butterflies. Acres of meadow plants left unmowed provide food and cover for juncos, titmice and cardinals in winter.
Part of the funding for this preserve was provided by Pennsylvania’s Keystone Fund, which has supported 442 projects in Monroe County since its inception in 1994.
This event is free, but registration is required by calling 570-839-1120 or 570-629-2727; or sending email to: info@brodheadwatershed.org.
This hike is part of the Get Outdoors Poconos series supported by a grant from the Williams Penn Foundation.
Arbor Day Walk
The April 26 Arbor Day Walk starts at 9:00 a.m. and is organized by the Brodhead Watershed Association, Monroe County Garden Club, and East Stroudsburg University, with support from the East Stroudsburg Shade Tree Commission.
The walk is part of a larger celebration of Arbor Day. Celebrity radio host Gary In The Morning will broadcast from the front circle of the university from 6 to 9 a.m.
Dignitaries from ESU and state Sen. Mario Scavello (R-Monroe) will speak on the importance of keeping the  environment healthy, starting at 9:30.
“Trees form a kind of natural infrastructure that protects drinking water,” said Bob Heil, executive director of BWA. “As they live and ‘breathe,’ trees and forested land are essential in keeping water pure. It’s the clean, green, dollar-smart solution to water quality.”
Get Outdoors Poconos hike leader Carol Hillestad will join Professor Emily Rollinson and members of the University Environmental Club on this easy guided walk.
Dozens of different tree species are in the arboretum collection, which is mapped and annotated in the Arboretum Guide.
Later in the day, a swamp white oak will be planted near the Alumni Center.
All events are free and open to the public. To register for the walk, contact BWA at 570-839-1120 or send email to: info@brodheadwatershed.org or call 570-242-7171.
For more information on programs, initiatives and other upcoming events, visit the Brodhead Watershed Association website.  Click Here to sign up for regular updates from the Association.  Click Here to become a member.

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