Thursday, March 8, 2018

Vote Now! Pittsburgh Landforce Restores Land, Builds Skills, Gets People Off Public Assistance

You can make a real difference in people’s lives and the environment.  Vote Now! for Pittsburgh-based nonprofit Landforce that helps organizations restore and maintain land and green assets by providing professionally skilled people who can assist in those projects.
Landforce is one of four groups out of 94 applications selected to compete in the Google Impact Challenge Pittsburgh for $50,000.  The deadline for voting is March 14.
Crews from Landforce have built and maintained trails, restored habitats, stabilized vacant land, protected green  infrastructure and improved the health of waterways.
Profile: Terrence Montgomery
            At 6’2” and 283 pounds, when Terrence Montgomery walks into a room, it comes as no surprise that he once played defensive tackle for the University of Oregon. What may come as a surprise is how soft-spoken, earnest and kind he is.
When thinking back to the time right after he was kicked off the team in 2010, Terrence doesn’t blame what happened next in his life on “bad luck.” Rather, he owns the “string of very bad decisions” that led to his incarceration, protracted homelessness, and ultimate return to Pittsburgh.
Along the way he found resolve in his reignited faith to overcome “myself, my past, a criminal record, laziness, lack of motivation, unemployment, other people’s perception of me, my faith, and my skin color.”
Simultaneously he has also worked hard to overcome his perception of “other people, their faith, and skin color.”
Terrance came to Landforce by way of the A. Philip Randolph Institute, and is now working full-time with the Allegheny County road crew.
He credits his time working with Landforce with helping him learn what to expect in the workplace, preparing him for the intensity of teamwork, and instructing him on managing potential conflicts with his colleagues.
“Knowing that all people have their own history, backgrounds, and journeys, I am able to deal with conflict better and manage difficult situations with people at work,” Terrance believes, “Landforce revitalized me and brought out my work ethic, discipline, integrity, and focus and made it all second nature.”
Even more than enabling Terrance to start his job from a position of strength and understanding, he credits Landforce with a pride in the work he does that goes beyond his paycheck.
“Landforce taught and instilled in me the ability to look past myself, that while I get paid, it’s not just about a paycheck, it’s about the impact that I can make daily in the life of my coworkers or those out in the community. There is no feeling like someone you don’t know coming to you and thanking you for doing your job because it makes where they live look better, or it makes their lives a little easier. I’ll never ever take that for granted! I owe that to Landforce!”
Terrence is just one of the lives changed by Landforce.
Click Here to vote for Landforce.  Click Here to learn more about the program and contact them about a project you think they could help with.

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