Thursday, March 29, 2018

DEP Secretary Visits Pik Rite, Inc. In Lewisburg To Celebrate Energy Efficiency Improvements, National Recognition

DEP Secretary Patrick McDonnell Thursday helped celebrate the environmental accomplishments of Pik Rite, Inc. in Lewisburg, Union County, a nationally acclaimed leader and innovator in improving energy efficiency in the manufacturing sector.
McDonnell and representatives from Pik Rite discussed the company’s efforts to reduce its environmental footprint and toured the facility. Pik Rite manufactures agricultural and other heavy equipment used around the world.
“This Pennsylvania-grown small business has been a huge environmental leader by example,” said McDonnell.  “We are pleased to have been a partner in Pik Rite’s work to examine its energy usage. After conducting studies, Pik Rite committed to upgrading its interior and exterior LED lighting, which dramatically reduces energy usage. This saves the company money while reducing the pollutant emissions associated with energy generation.”  
Pik Rite was named the 2017 “Small Business Environmental Stewardship Award” winner by the National Small Business Environmental Assistance Programs. Pik Rite was chosen for the award because of the company’s accomplishments in environmental compliance, energy efficiency, pollution prevention practices, and innovation.   
DEP recently announced that Pik Rite was awarded a 2017 Small Business Advantage Grant.
The company matched the $7,000 grant with over $14,000 of private investment to buy new energy efficient lighting to lower their electricity consumption by over 54 percent.
Pik Rite estimates an annual cost savings of $6,600, a reduction of 82,000 kWh of electricity, and improved lighting conditions on the production floor as a result of the project.
DEP’s Small Business Advantage Grant program provides 50 percent matching grants to enable Pennsylvania small businesses to purchase energy efficient or pollution prevention equipment or adopt waste reduction processes.
Well-designed energy efficiency and pollution prevention projects can encourage growth of the energy infrastructure by helping businesses cut operating costs, while simultaneously protecting the environment.  
Although DEP is not accepting grant applications at this time, for more information on the program, visit the Small Business Advantage Grant webpage.
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