Thursday, March 29, 2018

Administrative Law Judge Recommends PUC Deny Request To Reverse Flow Of Laurel Pipeline

PUC Administrative Law Judge Eranda Vero Thursday issued a 212-page recommendation the full Public Utility Commission deny a request by Buckeye Pipelines to reverse the flow of the Laurel Pipeline. The recommendation now goes to the full PUC.
Buckeye had proposed reversing the flow of the Laurel Pipeline from Pittsburgh to Altoona allowing petroleum products from midwest refineries to be sold in the midstate at the same time cutting off access of Philadelphia refineries to Western Pennsylvania.
Members of the General Assembly, a variety of companies and labor unions formally entered comments on the proposal from both sides in this hotly debated issue.
A coalition of groups called Deny Buckeye issued a statement applauding the recommendation saying, "Buckeye is attempting to reverse the pipeline so that Midwestern refineries would be the sole suppliers of fuel in Western Pennsylvania.  
“This move would eliminate competition from Southeastern Pennsylvania refineries that today regularly deliver fuel at lower prices to consumers and small businesses in Western Pennsylvania.
“We commend the judge’s well-reasoned decision. The only winners of a Laurel reversal would be Buckeye and out-of-state refineries. Midwest refineries already have access to Pennsylvania markets, but they don’t want competition.
“Pennsylvania refineries have supplied fuel throughout our commonwealth for over a half-century. It is stunning to think that a Texas-based pipeline company wants to block our own refineries from serving Pennsylvania.
“A reversal would send fuel prices skyrocketing and put thousands of Pennsylvania jobs in jeopardy.
"As major fuel retailers to countless Pennsylvania consumers, coalition members would be the first in line for any idea that reduces the price at the pump. The Buckeye proposal would have the opposite effect. We thank the administrative law judge for her thoughtful consideration of the issues, and believe that this decision will benefit Pennsylvania families, businesses and jobs.”
The coalition members include: Giant Eagle Get Go, Gulf, Guttman Energy, Monroe Energy, Philadelphia Energy Solutions and Sheetz.
Click Here for a copy of the recommendation.  To see all documents related to this case, visit PUC Docket Number: A-2016-2575829.

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