Friday, March 23, 2018

Westmoreland Cleanways, Conservation District Hold Tire Recycling Event April 14 In Latrobe

Westmoreland Cleanways and Recycling and the Westmoreland County Conservation District West Nile Virus Program will hold a waste tire recycling event April 14 in Latrobe.
When you recycle old, worn out tires at a special event on April 14, you’ll be helping the environment and your family become healthier.
When tires lie on the side of the road or in your backyard, the oils and chemicals and heavy metals they contain break down and then leach into the soil and any nearby waterways.
Plus, while the tires are lying there, they also collect water – rain and melting snow – making them a favorite breeding ground for mosquitoes.
In fact, just one tire can be home to hundreds of mosquitoes, increasing not only the annoyance factor at your summer picnics, but also the threat of West Nile Virus and other diseases that mosquitoes carry.
Spring is a great time to eliminate these problems by taking scrap tires for recycling. And you can save money – $1 off the cost of recycling each tire – at the special Tire Recycling Event on April 14.
From 8:30 a.m. until noon, bring the scrap tires to the Westmoreland Cleanways Recycling Center, 113 Innovative Lane in Latrobe (Building F) and receive this special offer.
Recycling costs are based on the type of tire (passenger, light truck, tractor trailer, agricultural/farm tractor, highway/construction/heavy equipment). All types of tires are accepted and eligible for the $1-off discount.  
Business discounts do not apply during the April 14 special Tire Recycling Event, which is sponsored by Westmoreland Cleanways and Recycling and the Westmoreland Conservation District’s West Nile Virus program.
Click Here for more information on recycling fees.
If your group would like to take on a larger tire cleanup, such as an illegal dump site, you can recycle all the tires you collect for FREE if you register first with the 2018 Great American Cleanup of PA.  You’ll also receive free gloves, safety vests, and trash bags to help with the job.
Westmoreland Cleanways and Recycling sponsors and promotes programs that address the proper disposal of solid waste through recycling, special collections, and the cleanup of illegal dumpsites and littered areas.
The Westmoreland Conservation District has been helping people use natural resources wisely for 69 years.  In the past few years, it began a program of scientific environmental monitoring that includes monitoring for West Nile Virus in the county.
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