Friday, January 20, 2017

State Park Fees For Camping, Swimming Pools, Reservations Increase Feb. 1

The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources published notice in the January 21 PA Bulletin of revisions to the schedule of fees charged for certain activities in state parks.
Fees will be increased for larger multifamily overnight facilities, non-Commonwealth residents for the base night of camping, swimming pools and increased transaction fees for online reservations.
Many of the changes adopt a range of fees, instead of one fee, to allow DCNR to charge higher rates on peak use days.
DCNR said the new price schedule, which is comparable to those of state parks in neighboring states, is needed to increase revenue to the Bureau. In addition to offsetting inflation, it narrows the gap between State Parks and private facilities, resulting in a more favorable competitive climate for the private sector.
Click Here for existing state park fees.  Click Here for notice of the revised fees.
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