Tuesday, January 24, 2017

EHB Stops Longwall Mining Under Ryerson Station State Park Until Appeal Can Be Heard

The Center for Coalfield Justice Tuesday announced the Environmental Hearing Board has granted the Center’s petition for a supersedeas stopping any longwall mining under Ryerson Station State Park in Greene County until the Center’s appeal of Consol’s mining permit can be heard.
Specifically the EHB barred Consol from mining within 100 feet of Kent Run inside the park.
“We are thrilled that the Environmental Hearing Board halted destructive longwall mining underneath Kent Run inside of Ryerson Station State Park,” said Patrick Grenter, Executive Director of the Center for Coalfield Justice. “Based on the hearing, it was clear Consol was intent on operating without any consideration for Ryerson or the thousands of local residents who use it every year. It is a shame that Governor Wolf forced us to do his job and defend the Commonwealth’s state park, but we are thankful to the hundreds of area residents who contributed to our successful efforts.”  
In December, the Department of Environmental Protection issued a permit revision that would allow Consol to longwall mining beneath the surface of two streams - Polen Run and Kent Run - portions of which are within Ryerson Station.
Consol’s previous permit required “development mining” under the streams, which is a process designed to prevent the land above the mine from subsiding. Before an appeal could even be filed, Consol undermined and damaged a section of Polen Run just outside the park boundary.
The permit revision filed by Consol predicted significant damage, notably subsidence and flow loss, to the streams in the park.
Click Here for more background on the decision by the Center for Coalfield Justice.
In 2013, the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and Consol reached an agreement to repair the damage longwall mining did to the lake dam at Ryerson Station State Park by replacing the dam and allowing Consol to conduct additional mining in certain areas.
Replacing the dam did not prove feasible and DCNR is in the process of determining the best recreational opportunities that could be developed in the park.
Consol Prohibited From Mining Near Ryerson Station State Park

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