Friday, January 27, 2017

Gov. Wolf To Combine Health, Aging, Drug & Alcohol, Human Services Into Super Agency

The Associated Press reported late Friday Gov. Wolf will announce a plan Monday to consolidates the departments of Health, Aging, Drug and Alcohol Prevention and Human Services into one super agency called the Department of Health and Human Services.
State employees were notified in an email Friday afternoon from the top officials in each of the four agencies.
In it, they said they had worked to "identify operational silos and program duplicity that exists between agencies and reimagine how we deliver critical services to the 13 million citizens of this Commonwealth."
The details on the move were few, in terms of how much money it would save and how many employees might lose their jobs. Wolf's office said it would provide more information Monday.
Gov. Wolf will present his proposed FY 2017-18 budget to the General Assembly on February 7, a budget he said he would balance with cuts and consolidations and without any increases in the personal income or sales tax.
Could the consolidation of DEP and DCNR be far behind?
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