Friday, January 20, 2017

DEP: Help For Vehicle Fleet Owners To Maximize Benefits Of Using Alternative Fuels

The Department of Environmental Protection is now accepting applications from vehicle fleet owners who are interested in maximizing the economic and environmental benefits of alternative fuel use in vehicle fleets.  (formal notice)
The application period for assistance will remain open from January 21 to June 1.
Under the Alternative Fuels Technical Assistance Program, successful applicants will receive professional assistance by a Department-assigned contractor who will work with the applicant to develop technically viable and economically sustainable alternative fueling plans and strategies.
Alternative fuels considered under the AFTA Program may include natural gas, electric, propane, hydrogen, hythane, ethanol, methanol and other advanced biofuels.
Entities eligible for this assistance are: municipalities; school districts; municipal authorities; and nonprofit organizations.
Eligible organizations may apply to DEP by completing an application and providing basic fleet and operational information. An eligible entity can apply alone or in combination with other eligible project partners.
Upon acceptance into the AFTA Program, the Department will assign a technical assistance provider with relevant experience and expertise.
The applying organization will work directly with that provider to develop a suitable scope of work and provide all relevant fleet and operational information necessary to complete the analysis.
The provider will then evaluate the technical and economic considerations of various alternative fueling strategies specific to the circumstances of the vehicles and organizations involved.
The technical assistance project will result in a final report that will identify fueling options and recommended strategies based on technical and economic considerations specific to the circumstances of the organizations involved, their vehicle needs and their operating profiles.
The report is not expected to include detailed project designs or engineered site plans, but will provide analysis and recommendations needed for the applying organizations to make informed decisions that may result in the implementation of an alternative fueling project.
The AFTA Program was designed to provide assistance to those eligible entities who are considering an alternative fuels project in this Commonwealth. Funding from the AFTA Program is provided the by the Department's Alternative Fuels Incentive Fund.
For more information visit DEP’s Alternative Fuels Incentive Grant Program webpage or application assistance contact Geoff Bristow, Department of Environmental Protection, Office of Pollution Prevention and Energy Assistance at 814-332-6681 or send email to:
(Photo: Rose Tree Media School District cuts ribbon on 23-bus CNG project.)

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