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Stroud Water Research Center UpStream: Bringing Stream Life To You! Add Green Space, Reduce Flooding; Never Too Old To Learn To Build Soil Health

latest UpStream newsletter from Chester County-based Stroud Water Research Center features articles on a new educational program bring stream life to you, shows how adding green space can reduce flooding and that you’re never too old to learn how to build soil health.

Traveling ‘Touch Tanks’

Not everyone can access a stream to discover aquatic life, but the stream can come to them! Stroud Water Research Center is making this possible through a new experiential learning tool: the aquatic macroinvertebrate touch tank. 

The Education Department designed the touch tank to allow observers to see freshwater macroinvertebrates move freely through creek water in a simulated stream environment. The well-being of the animals is also key to the tank’s design, which includes natural habitat and ways to maintain temperature and oxygen levels.

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Learning Something Never Gets Old

Age is just a number for two retirees, who aren’t hesitant to try something new. Don Ace, 100, and Max Stoner, 80, started a community garden at their retirement community, The Village at Penn State, four years ago, providing individual gardening opportunities for 10 village residents. 

While Ace has decades of farming and home garden experience, he just recently delved into planting cover crops.

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Removing Old Milldams

Whether or not you believe in ghosts, past actions can haunt us. This is especially true of environmental actions.

The extensive construction of milldams in Colonial North America is a significant environmental legacy with present-day consequences on our waterways. 

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Add Green Space, Reduce Flooding

When the rain comes, it reaches the earth and travels the path of least resistance, drawn by gravity and a seeming wanderlust. In forests and meadows, the rain’s journey will be meandering and leisurely. 

It will drip off leaves and soak into soil. Some of this water will be absorbed by thirsty plant roots, and some will continue to wend through underground channels, eventually flowing into a stream or river. 

Before it enters the park, Rocky Run travels through a concrete channel, along a busy roadway crowded with shopping malls and parking lots.

By contrast, in cities and suburbs, the rain’s progress is usually direct and hasty as it rolls off rooftops and runs down roadways into storm drains and a system of underground pipes. 

During a heavy rainfall these pipes can send a deluge into waterways, causing them to overflow. That’s when serious flooding can occur. 

But we can alleviate this problem by using nature to slow the rainwater and allow it to spread out.

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Honoring Turner Seydel

Stroud Water Research Center bestowed the 2023 Stroud Award for Freshwater Excellence to Laura Turner Seydel, a global champion of Earth stewardship

Approximately 200 guests enjoyed hearing Turner Seydel share inspirational stories about how she and her collaborators are addressing urgent challenges affecting environmental health and sustainability.

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The Chester County-based Stroud Center seeks to advance knowledge and stewardship of freshwater systems through global research, education, and watershed restoration.

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