Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Penn State Extension Watershed Winds: What To Flush Or Not To Flush Into Your Septic System; Brooke Meets A Stream Doctor; More Education Opportunities

The latest
edition of the Watershed Winds newsletter from Penn State Extension offers articles on a variety of water-related topics.

To Flush Or Not To Flush

For those who use an on-lot septic system for home wastewater treatment, flushing things that shouldn't go down the toilet can negatively impact the system's functioning.

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Pennsylvania Wetland Bogs

Pennsylvania is home to many fascinating wetlands, one of the most distinctive being bogs.

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Pond & Lake Wildlife: Canada Geese

A common visitor to Pennsylvania ponds and lakes, Canada Geese can present challenges to pond owners.

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Brooke Meets A Stream Doctor

Introduce children to Dr. Watt R. Shedd in this new book that shows readers aged 8–10 how they, too, can be stream doctors.

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Upcoming Events

-- October 28: Lancaster Master Watershed Stewards Water Ways On Wheels Bike Tour

-- October 30: Safe Drinking Water Clinic For Well Owners

-- November 16: Agricultural Conservation Assistance Program Training  [Multiple Dates]


-- November 1: Sources of Information for Well and Spring Owners

-- November 8: Nitrogen in Groundwater - Where It Comes From And Health Risks

-- November 14: Residential Stormwater Solutions: Watershed Friendly Recommendations

-- November 16: Residential Stormwater Solutions: Use & Benefits Of Rain Barrels

-- November 21: Residential Stormwater Solutions: Rain Gardens- A Stormwater Slam Dunk

-- Other online water courses.

Watershed Steward

-- How To Become A Master Watershed Steward

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-- Senate Environmental Committee Reports Out Bills On Garage Drain Water Disposal, Crematory Operating Temperatures  [PaEN]

[Posted: October 25, 2023]  PA Environment Digest

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