Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Senate Environmental Committee Reports Out Bills On Garage Drain Water Disposal, Crematory Operating Temperatures

On October 24, the
Senate Environmental Resources and Energy Committee reported out legislation regulating garage drain water disposal and crematory operating temperatures.  

Senate Bill 265 (Laughlin-R-Erie) amending the Sewage Facilities Act to allow garage floor drains to discharge into on-lot septic systems was reported out in a party-line vote-- Republicans supporting.

Sen. Carolyn Comitta (D-Chester), Minority Chair of the Committee, said, “I understand there are several professional organizations who are opposed [to the bill]-- the Pennsylvania Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association, Pennsylvania Association of Sewage Enforcement Officers, and the Pennsylvania Septage Management Association. 

“They've raised concerns regarding the potential for petroleum oil and other garage-related substances to enter the septic system, understandably. 

“These substances are toxic to microbes, meaning they could kill off organic filters, and we could end up with contaminants in our groundwater. 

“There are also liability concerns and the potential for damage to residential drainage system components. 

“I voted against this bill and committee last session, and again, I asked for a "No" vote today.”

Sen. Dan Laughlin (R-Erie), primary sponsor of the bill said, he would welcome the opportunity to work with stakeholders to resolve the conflicts between the Sewage Facilities Act and the state building code on this issue.

House Bill 1246 (Malagari-D-Montgomery) reducing the operating temperatures of crematories from 1,800 degrees to 1,600 degrees was reported out of Committee unanimously.

The bills now go to the full Senate for consideration.

 Click Here to watch a video of the meeting.

Sen. Gene Yaw (R-Lycoming) serves as Majority Chair of the Senate Environmental Committee and can be contacted by calling 717-787-3280 or sending email to: gyaw@pasen.gov.   Sen. Carolyn Comitta (D-Chester) serves as Minority Chair and can be contacted by calling 717-787-5709 or sending email to: senatorcomitta@pasenate.com.


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[Posted: October 24, 2023]  PA Environment Digest

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