Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Senate Republicans, 4 Democrats Pass Resolution Urging Restart Of Keystone XL Oil Pipeline Abandoned By Company [BTW Not In PA]

On February 28, Senate Republicans and four Democrats voted to pass
Senate Resolution 9 (Langerholc-R-Cambria) urging President Biden to restart construction of Keystone XL Pipeline, which is not in Pennsylvania.

Democratic Senators Brewster (Allegheny), Flynn (Lackawanna), Fontana (Allegheny), Tartaglione (Philadelphia) voted for the resolution.

TC Energy abandoned its plans for the Keystone XL Pipeline for good in June 2021 to carry Canadian oil to Steele City, Kansas.  

The existing Keystone Pipeline system is still functioning delivering Canadian oil to Oklahoma, Houston and Illinois.  

The Keystone Pipeline shutdown in January after spilling 600,000 gallons of oil which will cost an estimated $480 million to clean up.  

The pipeline has experienced nearly two dozen accidents since going into service in 2010.

(Photo: 600,000 gallon Keystone Pipeline oil spill in January.)

Resource Link:

-- The Guardian: U.S. Averaging One Chemical  Accident Every 2 Days From Train Derailments, Pipeline Ruptures, Truck Crashes, Industrial Spills

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