Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Lancaster Clean Water Partners Forms LLC, Names Allyson Gibson, Executive Director

Conservation Foundation of Lancaster County and Lancaster Clean Water Partners have formed a limited liability company (LLC) and named Allyson Gibson as the Executive Director.

Since the inception of the Partners in 2018, it has operated as a program of the Foundation. Due to the growth while advancing the Common Agenda and shared vision of 

“Clean and Clear Water by 2040,” the Foundation and the Partners collectively decided the creation of a subsidiary LLC of the Foundation is a key strategic advantage to the success of the collaborative clean water initiative. 

As an LLC, the Partners will have legal standing allowing it to act independently of the Foundation on matters to advance its mission. 

The Partners will continue to be a “disregarded entity” of the Foundation – meaning the Partners’ financials and programmatic accomplishments will be included on the Foundation’s federal income tax filing – Form 990.

The establishment of an LLC includes the formation of a Board of Trustees for the Partners and consists of the following community members as part of the Executive Committee – Chris Thompson (Lancaster County Conservation District), Justin Evans (Mount Joy Township), Stephen Campbell (City of Lancaster), Jenna Mitchell Beckett (Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay), and Jeff Swinehart (Lancaster Farmland Trust).

Allyson Gibson, the Director of Strategic Partnerships and Programs, has been promoted to Executive Director. 

Allyson will be responsible for the collaborative mission to rapidly accelerate and expand the ability of partner organizations to restore and sustain healthy Lancaster County waterways.

Allyson was the first employee of the Partners when it was established in 2018 by partner organizations to employ a collective impact model to improve the waterways of Lancaster County. 

She led the creation and implementation of the vision, establishing the framework for cooperation among the nonprofit, for-profit, municipal, state and federal organizations working on cleaning our local streams and rivers.  

With her leadership, the Partners has moved from an idea a little over five years ago to a leadership role with a backbone organization that supports Lancaster County’s efforts to improve local water quality.  

Lancaster Clean Water Partners exists to facilitate cooperation and collaboration among more than 40 partner organizations to increase funding and accelerate the implementation of water quality projects in terms of the number of projects and size and scope.  

As an LLC, the Partners will represent the wide variety of partner organizations’ shared Common Agenda for “Clean and Clear Water by 2040” that unites them, as each organization retains its unique character, mission, and vision.

For more information on the vision and Common Agenda of the Lancaster Clean Water Partners please visit the Lancaster Clean Water Partners website.

[Posted: February 22, 2023]  PA Environment Digest

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