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Pennsylvania State Actions Last Week On Ohio/PA Train Derailment

Here are highlights of actions by the Shapiro Administration and the General Assembly related to the Ohio/PA train derailment from the week of February 20.

NewsClips from the week’s actions are also posted here.

More information and updates can be found on the PA Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) online Train Derailment Dashboard

Visit DEP’s Train Derailment webpage for additional information.

Feb. 21: Gov. Shapiro Visits Ohio/EPA Train Derailment Site, Beaver County To Give Update Hear More From Residents; Case Referred To AG For Criminal Investigation

On February 21, Gov. Josh Shapiro visited East Palestine, Ohio to provide an update on the Norfolk Southern train derailment alongside United States Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Michael Regan and Governor Mike DeWine. 

Gov. Shapiro also announced the Department of Environmental Protection referred the train derailment to the state Office of Attorney General for criminal investigation.  Read more here.

Gov. Shapiro detailed all of the work his Administration is doing to protect the people of Pennsylvania and the environment, and pledged to work with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Incident Management Teams as they assess and test for environmental and health impacts as part of a sweeping enforcement action to compel Norfolk Southern to conduct and pay for any cleanup actions caused by the derailment.

Gov. Shapiro also visited Darlington Township in Beaver County to meet with residents who received water testing this morning from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection’s Southwest Regional office. 

The Governor’s top priority is to ensure the health and safety of Pennsylvanians who have been affected by this incident.

“From the beginning of the response to the Norfolk Southern train derailment, my Administration has been coordinating with first responders and emergency management personnel, our partners in Ohio, and the federal government,” said Gov. Josh Shapiro. “I’ve heard two messages from folks in Beaver County: we need testing and we need accountability. Our Administration is providing independent water testing to all those who want it in close proximity to the derailment site, and we’ll hold Norfolk Southern accountable for any and all impacts to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.”

Last week, Governor Josh Shapiro sent a letter to Norfolk Southern Corporation CEO Alan Shaw expressing serious concerns regarding the company’s management of the February 3 train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio after meeting with Beaver County Commissioners and local elected officials.

Pennsylvania continues to see no concerning air or water quality readings following the train derailment. 

The Pennsylvania DEP will continue to monitor the safety of Pennsylvania’s air, water, and environment – and ensure Pennsylvanians have the information they need to stay safe in the weeks and months ahead. 

Feb. 22: Gov. Shapiro Ensuring Local PA Fire Departments Are Reimbursed By Norfolk Southern For Contaminated Equipment

On February 22, Gov. Shapiro announced his administration is working to ensure fire departments in Western Pennsylvania are reimbursed by Norfolk Southern for the costs of replacing all equipment contaminated during the response and remediation to the Norfolk Southern train derailment in East Palestine on February 3rd.

Fire companies from Beaver, Lawrence, and Washington Counties responded to the derailment and the controlled vent and burn. 

While no fire departments are significantly impeded in being able to respond and serve the public at this point, many have reported contaminated turnout gear, hose, and Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) along with some drop tanks for water supply operations.

The Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency and the Office of the State Fire Commissioner have reached out directly to local fire departments and are working with them to identify and catalogue their damaged and contaminated equipment, and to streamline submissions to the Norfolk Southern Claims Director.

“Pennsylvanians impacted by this incident are safe right now because of the hard work and public service of first responders and fire departments in Western Pennsylvania,” said Gov. Josh Shapiro. “First responders answered the call – their departments deserve to be made whole and we expect Norfolk Southern to quickly reimburse any department that responded to the derailment and needs to replace equipment. My Administration will continue to hold Norfolk Southern accountable for any and all impacts on the Commonwealth.”

“Our fire companies and first responders put their health and safety on the line for Pennsylvanians each day – we are proud of the good work they do and we thank them for their service,” said Acting Pennsylvania State Fire Commissioner Thomas Cook. “In order to continue doing their jobs safely and effectively, our firefighters need the right gear. We urge Norfolk Southern to swiftly reimburse our fire departments, it’s the right thing to do.”

Pennsylvania continues to see no concerning air or water quality readings following this incident.

Feb. 25: DEP Has Collected Water Samples From Nearly Every Private Well In PA Within One Mile Of Norfolk Southern Derailment Site; Results Expected Next Week

On February 25, the Department of Environmental Protection said it has completed collecting samples from 13 of the 16 known residential wells within a mile radius of the derailment site in Pennsylvania and is working to schedule testing of wells between one mile and two miles next week. 

Results from the first round of testing are expected next week.

DEP is proactively contacting residents within a two-mile radius of the train derailment site to initiate water testing. Concerned residents who are beyond the two-mile radius are encouraged to reach out to DEP to request testing by calling 412-442-4000.

“The Department of Environmental Protection has been on the scene since the first hours after the Norfolk Southern train derailment, and we will stay in communities like Darlington Township as long as it takes to assure Pennsylvanians their air, water, and environment are safe,” said Acting DEP Secretary Rich Negrin, who visited communities in Beaver County twice this week. “DEP staff is on the ground right now, professionally and efficiently taking independent samples of drinking water near the derailment site so that Pennsylvanians can have the information they need to keep themselves and their families safe.”

DEP is using its own laboratories to test for volatile organic compounds that were on some of the train cars, including vinyl chloride, ethylene glycol, butyl acrylates, ethylhexyl acrylate, benzene, and ethanol.  

Feb. 23: PA Senate Committee Holds Hearing In Beaver County Highlighting Impacts of Ohio/PA Train Derailment And Emergency Response Efforts

Senate Veterans Affairs and Emergency Preparedness Committee Chairman Doug Mastriano (R-Adams) hosted a hearing February 23 at Beaver County Community College, where local residents shared their stories in the wake of the Norfolk Southern train wreck in East Palestine, Ohio.

“We want the truth!” said Sen. Doug Mastriano, Majority Chair of the Committee at the beginning of the hearing. “The people affected by this disaster have questions and today’s committee hearing is about providing them with answers.”

Click Here for a summary of the hearing and to watch a video.  Click Here for the hearing agenda.

Upcoming Senate Hearing:

-- February 27-- Senate Transportation Committee holds hearing on hazardous materials moved by rail in PA.  Hearing Room 1, North Office Building. 10:00.  Click Here to watch the hearing online(Click Here for more on the agenda.)

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