Wednesday, July 20, 2022

WeConservePA 2-Part Lawn Conversion And Green Infrastructure Why & How Webinars

WeConservePA and guest speakers from the Pennsylvania Environmental Council and the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Bureau of Forestry, Rural and Community Forestry section for a two-part presentation on the why’s and how-to’s of lawn conversion and green infrastructure.

DCNR launched its Lawn Conversion Program in 2020. Born out of the Chesapeake Bay restoration efforts, this statewide program’s goal is to improve water quality through converting mowed grass lawn areas to either forest or meadow, both of which help to improve infiltration and remove pollutants in stormwater runoff. 

Part I - September 21

In this session, we will cover how the lawn conversion program was envisioned and how it is currently operating, how DCNR is working to make lawn conversion funding and technical assistance available to partner organizations working with landowners in Pennsylvania, the basics of designing and implementing lawn conversion projects, and the challenges that come with converting lawn to meadow or forest.


-- Teddi Stark is the Watershed Forestry Program Manager with DCNR Bureau of Forestry. Teddi helps to develop strategies for scaling-up riparian forest buffer and lawn conversion implementation work in PA. 

The purpose of the Watershed Forestry program is to improve water quality in Pennsylvania while simultaneously realizing the many co-benefits of reforesting streamsides and converting mowed grass lawns to new forests or native meadows.  Teddi lives in Harrisburg with her husband and two dogs and enjoys hiking and traveling with them whenever she is not working.

-- Kelsey Mummert is the Lawn Conversion Program Coordinator with the DCNR Bureau of Forestry. She blends her passions for natural areas and people to support Pennsylvanians in converting lawns to woods and meadows.

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Part II - October 6

In this session, staff from the Pennsylvania Environmental Council will review how meadows can be integrated into the built environments of our cities and towns. 

The presentation will include tips and strategies on (1) how to communicate benefits with neighbors and stakeholders, and (2) how to overcome barriers like weed ordinances, aesthetics concerns, and common misconceptions about lawn conversion.


-- Susan Myerov, AICP joined PEC in 2013 as Watersheds Program Director, where she leads PEC’s watershed program strategy and stormwater management education programs. Myerov has over 25 years of experience in public, private, and non-profit organizations, concentrating on watershed, land use, and open space planning projects.

-- Paul Racette has worked as the PEC Watershed Programs Manager for the Southeast office since 2006. Racette has over 30 years of environmental science experience with federal agencies, private consulting groups, and educational/nonprofit organizations.

-- Diana Maher joined the PEC team in February 2022 to support the clean water programs, focusing on stormwater management and restoration. Before joining PEC, Diana worked as the Education Coordinator for Schuylkill River Greenways National Heritage Area, where she developed and organized environmental education programming for different audiences in the heritage area.

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More than 107,000 Pennsylvanians contribute to local land trusts.

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