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Chesapeake Bay Trust Awards 2 Green Infrastructure/Jobs Grants In PA

Chesapeake Bay Trust, in partnership with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection announce that $1,058,720 in funding has been awarded to 13 projects across Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia as part of the Chesapeake Bay Green Streets, Green Jobs, Green Towns Grant Program

The projects in Pennsylvania include--

-- Borough of Chambersburg, Franklin County – $150,000: The project will directly reduce stormwater runoff into the Conococheague Creek, reduce associated flooding in the immediate area, address bank stabilization, and implement green infrastructure components.  

Major enhancements to the area include the reduction of Hood Street flooding; the installation of subsurface infiltration beds to manage stormwater; the planting of pollinator gardens; and the removal of invasive species and planting native riparian buffers.

-- Watershed Alliance of York, York and Lancaster Counties, Pennsylvania – $20,700: A two-part workshop and repeatable workshop template that will focus on the responsibilities of Homeowner Associations (HOAs) in York and Lancaster counties for their stormwater management infrastructure. 

One important deliverable will be a template that groups such as watershed organizations can use to easily plan and conduct this workshop/charrette in counties throughout the Bay watershed.

These awards help communities develop and implement plans that reduce stormwater runoff; increase the amount of green spaces in urban areas; improve the health of local rivers, streams, the Chesapeake Bay and the human populations within the communities; create “green jobs;” reduce energy use; and enhance livability in cities and communities.

“We congratulate all grantees for putting forth projects that will support clean water and strong neighborhoods,” said EPA Mid-Atlantic Regional Administrator Adam Ortiz. “This program helps communities reinvigorate gray and green infrastructure projects that reduce stormwater runoff and pollution to local waters and the Chesapeake Bay, while improving their economy, quality of life and community beautification.”

This green infrastructure program is designed to facilitate and encourage communities implementing traditional “gray” infrastructure projects, such as repaving roads or reconfiguring intersections, to add green elements at little additional cost. These green elements then offer cost-effective savings on stormwater treatment, flooding abatement, and other community benefits.

The Green Streets, Green Jobs, Green Towns Initiative was started in 2011, led by water experts at EPA and then expanded into the program it is today. To date, 245 projects have received funding and $14.4 million has been invested into greening communities.

Greening local communities has been shown to have multiple human benefits, from savings on energy costs that hit the wallet via provision of shade to reduction of illnesses to reduction in crime.  

Studies show that time spent outdoors in green spaces leads to improved mental health, reduced absenteeism in employees, improved heart health, and more.

“Green infrastructure projects are one of those rare win-win-win scenarios:  They improve communities in various ways, they improve human health, and they also benefit our waterways,” said Dr. Jana Davis, president of the Chesapeake Bay Trust. “This program lets us take advantage of projects that communities want to do for themselves that just also happen to benefit the larger natural system way downstream.”

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How Clean Is Your Stream?

Check DEP’s 2022 Water Quality Report to find out how clean streams are near you.

Visit DEP’s Chesapeake Bay Watershed webpage to learn more about cleaning up rivers and streams in Pennsylvania's portion of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.


-- Chesapeake Bay Journal: More Than $1 Million Awarded For Green Infrastructure In Chesapeake Region

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