Wednesday, March 30, 2022

PA Solar Center Hosts April 8 Webinar: How Solar Energy Helps Create A More Resilient Grid & Incorporates Cybersecurity

Just like all energy resources, solar has certain types of equipment -- particularly the inverter that connects to the internet, and which, therefore, has a certain amount of cybersecurity risk. 

However, the distributed nature of solar energy (and storage) can also build resiliency into the grid that isn’t offered by the traditional and larger, more centralized plants.

Join us as we discuss management practices that are being implemented across the industry to protect against network control issues and grid operations, as well as some of the research into this field.

Speakers will include Kirsten Verclas, Managing Director, National Association of State Energy Officials, and Shamina Hossain-McKenzie Ph.D., Renewable and Distributed Systems Integration, Sandia National Laboratories.

Click Here to register.  Registration is $15 (or $100 for all webinars and recordings!), but free for elected officials and legislative staff. 

But please don’t let financial obstacles prevent you from attending. We want you to attend! Special payment arrangements can be made for those who need it; please reach out to to learn more.

The Pennsylvania Solar Center is a nonpartisan, nonprofit effort to raise the awareness of the benefits of solar energy in Pennsylvania. Click Here to sign up for regular updates.   Questions should be directed to Matt Mahoney by calling 412-218-0938 or send email to:

[Posted: March 30, 2022]  PA Environment Digest

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