Friday, March 25, 2022

Governor’s Office Posts Updated Agency-By-Agency Agenda Of Regulations In Development

On March 26, the Governor’s Office published an updated agency-by-agency agenda of regulations in development and an estimated schedule for future actions.  (
PA Bulletin, page 1930)

The Department of Environmental Protection has its own Regulatory Agenda for regulations in development and its own Non-Regulatory Agenda for technical guidance in development.  Read more here.

Key DEP Regulations

The Governor’s Office Regulatory Agenda includes this timeline for some of DEP regulations--

-- Proposed Conventional Oil & Gas Drilling Environmental Protection Standards - 2nd Quarter

-- Proposed Conventional Oil & Gas Drilling Waste Management Standards - 3rd Quarter

-- Proposed Unconventional Shale Gas Drilling Fee Increase - 3rd Quarter

-- Final Manganese Water Quality Standard - 2nd Quarter

-- Final Chapter 105 Water Management Changes - 3rd Quarter

Click Here for the entire agency-by-agency Regulatory Agenda.  (PA Bulletin, page 1930)

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[Posted: March 25, 2022]  PA Environment Digest

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