Monday, March 28, 2022

Monday PA Environment & Energy NewsClips 3.28.22

Is Your Story Being Told?

House returns to session March 28 (NV), 29. 30, April 11, 12, 13

     -- Committee Schedule

Senate returns to session March 30, April 4, 5, 6

     -- Committee Schedule

TODAY’s Calendar Of Events

TODAY 9:30: House Environmental Resources and Energy Committee holds a hearing on “Oil & Gas Byproducts - Could We Live Without Them?”  Room G-50 Irvis Building. Click Here to watch live.  Click Here for more on the agenda.

TODAY 1:00:  House Environmental Resources and Energy Committee holds a to consider a number of bills and resolutions wanted by the natural gas industry.  Room 515 Irvis Office Building. Click Here to watch live.    Click Here for more on the agenda.

-- Feature - Remembering March 28, 1979 At The Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant - The Accident No One Thought Would Happen

-- March 28 PA Environment Digest Now Available  [PaEN]

-- Post-Gazette - Anya Litvak: Solar Companies Carve Out Their Piece Of PA’s Farmland, Dividing Farmers 

-- NRDC Blog: Clean Transportation In PA: Big Questions For 2022 - Co-Authored By Climate Advisor To The City Of Pittsburgh

-- Bay Journal: Ukraine War Triggers Push For More Fracking In Pennsylvania  - By Ad Crable  [PaEN]

-- 6th Oil/Natural Gas Shock: U.S. - European Commission Agreement Calls For Reducing Demand For All Natural Gas And Accelerating Deployment Of Clean Energy Measures

-- PA Capital-Star Guest Essay: RGGI Carbon Credit Opponents Play Cynical Games With Dangerous Costs - Clean Air Council

-- League Of Conservation Voters: 43 PA Conservation, Faith, Business, Environmental Groups Oppose House, Senate Bills To Kill RGGI

-- WHYY: North Philly E-Waste Recycling Program Employs Formerly Incarcerated Individuals For Environmental Purpose

-- Scranton Times: Tick And Mosquito Threat Expected To Be High In PA This Spring

-- LancasterOnline: Join A Wildflower Walk And 93 Things For Plant Lovers To Try In April

-- Inquirer - Frank Kummer: Can Big Ships, Little Kayaks Both Use Delaware River In Philly?  A Battle Brews

-- Penn State Researchers: Red-Backed Salamanders Possess Only Limited Ability To Adjust To Warming Climate

True Energy Independence Means Renewables

[There Is No Limit On What Oil/Natural Gas Companies Can Charge You]

-- New Castle News: PA Conventional Oil Industry, House Republicans Say Domestic Investments Needed To Increase Natural Gas Production [Conventional industry produces less than 1% Of PA’s natural gas.  Click Here to get the real story]

-- Financial Times: Europe Battles To Secure Specialised Ships To Boost LNG Imports

-- Financial Times: Texas Oil Drillers Say They Have Little Capacity To Raise Production Due To Staff Shortages, Supply Chain, Sand Issues

American Rescue Plan Funding


-- $11 Billion In Federal American Rescue Plan Funding To PA State Government, Local Governments Has Yet To Be Invested.  What’s Your Community Doing?


Other States/National/International

-- WPost: Biden To Unveil New Minimum Tax On Billionaires In Budget Proposal

-- Bloomberg Green: BP’s Climate Targets Missing Bulk Of Emissions, Report Says

PA Politics - Everything Is Connected

-- Scranton Times Editorial: House Might Finally Post Member Expenses

-- Politics PA: Candidates For PA House

-- Politics PA: Candidates For PA Senate

-- The Hill: PA’s U.S. Senate Race A Bellwether For Democrats In 2022 And Beyond

-- WESA: Part Of PA’s Persistent Unemployment Compensation Backlog?  Not Enough Workers

-- TribLive: Booming Sports Gambling Industry Brings Increased Calls For Gambling Help Across PA  

-- AP: Defense: Maybe AG’s Office Shouldn’t Handle Case Against Somerset County DA

-- PennLive Editorial: Thanks For Writing Memos, But Lawmakers Need To Pass Laws To Protect Children In State Custody

-- USA Today: Aided By Many States, Nursing Homes Fend Off Lawsuits Filed By Families Over COVID Deaths [PA Example] 

-- USA Today: Caregiver Fatigue Left Millions Suffering In Silence During COVID: ‘It Was All Me’ [PA Doctor]

-- Post-Gazette Guest Essay: How To Fight The Superbug Crisis In PA - Dr. Clancy

-- TribLive Editorial: Opioid Prevention Critical in Cutting Overdose Deaths

-- Inquirer: The Pandemic Upended Education, 2 Years Later, What Changes Are Here To Stay?

-- Post-Gazette Editorial: Pittsburgh School Board Can’t Afford To Blow It Again

-- Post-Gazette Editorial: Private Companies Lead The Charge On Raising Minimum Wage

-- The Guardian: Fmr Republican President Again Praises Putin, Xi Jinping, Kim Jong-un At Georgia Rally

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