Friday, April 24, 2020

PA Environmental Council: Almost All Funds Targeted By Republican Freeze Support Local Environmental, Conservation Efforts

The PA Environmental Council opposed the Republican effort to freeze environmental funds in House Bill 1822 saying “...out of the more than 100 state special funds, only 16 are impacted by this [bill], with a majority focused on agriculture, conservation and community development.
"While we recognize the crisis situation and daunting economic challenges facing the Commonwealth, we urge you to remove this amended component of the legislation and consider an alternative approach that would allow, at a minimum, for necessary expenditures out of these funds. 
“Revenues from these funds are used by state agencies to address important needs like imminent threats to public health, necessary infrastructure repairs, as well as to match federal funding that could be lost without corresponding state commitment.
“Further, these funds are used to support an array of “shovel ready” projects that leverage private investment, support existing and new businesses, create jobs, and provide and protect the public resources that the citizens of Pennsylvania are currently turning to in this time of crisis. 
“They are also used to address issues that communities across the state are struggling with every day, such as flooding, drinking water protection, and more.
“It is unclear why only these funds were targeted in the amendment. We urge you to consult with the Administration about potential ramifications, and work to identify alternatives that won’t risk vital state response and development programs. 
“For this reason, we ask that you oppose House Bill 1822 so long as it includes this amended language.”
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[Posted: April 24, 2020]  PA Environment Digest

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