Wednesday, April 29, 2020

DCNR: State Parks, Forests Seeing Impacts From Increased COVID-19-Related Visitation

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, Pennsylvania state parks and forests have seen an increase in visitation as people seek outdoor recreation for physical and mental health benefits; and to experience and enjoy the natural scenic beauty of these treasures.
This increase in visitation comes with environmental impacts. 
State forests are experiencing higher incidences of vandalism and illegal activity, such as ATV riding on state forest roads, graffiti, dumping of trash and waste, and removal and damage of gates.
These illegal activities damage the environment and take away from the natural experience and natural beauty that all forest users have the right to enjoy.
Rangers and forest district staff are still actively patrolling during the COVID-19 outbreak and will issue citations and prosecute those who are engaged in illegal activity on state forest lands.
You can help us in protecting and safeguarding your state forests.
Information and tips from the public have led to many successful prosecutions. If you see any of these illegal activities in a state forest, please contact the state forest district office.
If you have the ability to take a picture of the damage or activity without provoking or risking confrontation, please do so. 
In emergency circumstances, such as something involving a serious injury, please contact 911.
Dumping or graffiti can also be reported to Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful, through the Illegal Dump Free PA website.
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(Reprinted from April 29 DCNR Resource newsletter.  Click Here to sign up for your own copy.)
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