Thursday, April 30, 2020

Fish & Boat Commission Hosts Series Of Video Programs On How To Draw A Fish

The Fish and Boat Commission Facebook page will be hosting a series of video learning program on How To Draw A Fish by the Commission's Fishing Skills Instructor Tiffany London, a.k.a. Farm Girl Graphics.
Beginning May 12th, the Commission will be providing you with a new fish to learn how to draw on the second Tuesday of every month. 
But, to get you excited about this series, we are offering a bonus video on the Commission’s Facebook page!
This fish drawing features the Brook Trout. Displaying a sunset colored belly and fins, red spots with blue halos and cool markings on its back, many are awed by the Brook Trout’s beauty.
The Brook Trout is PA’s State Fish and is the only native stream dwelling species of trout in PA. Brook Trout are actually “Char”, a subgroup of the Trout/Salmon Family. 
Thriving in PA’s coldest, cleanest waters, they are an “indicator species” for healthy waters. Did you know that of the 85,000+ miles of streams and rivers in PA, 15,000 miles of those streams/rivers are home to wild and native trout?
Learn more about PA’s State Fish and its home waters using links below – 
Visit the Fish and Boat Commission’s Facebook page for announcements of these programs.
For more information on programs, initiatives, other upcoming events and much more, visit the Fish and Boat Commission webpage.
[Posted: April 30, 2020]  PA Environment Digest

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